Best Guided Meditations for Sleep and Stress Relief

Why meditate?

Meditation is food for the soul and body. The more stress, anxiety, ambitions, daily responsibilities and tasks that you have in your life, the more you need to meditate. It is the counterweight to the modern, busy way of life.

Hundreds of studies have shown that meditation can positively impact mental and physical health. Meditation can reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase focus.

On a physical level, meditation can lower high blood pressure, decrease any tension-related pain, improve the immune system, and increase serotonin production (which is correlated with mood).

On a mental level, meditation practice can help reduce mood and anxiety disorders. This leads to less depression, anxiety, and stress. Meditation promotes emotional health, increases attention span, and may even reduce age-related memory loss. Meditation can also be effective in helping people recover from various types of addiction.

Meditation doesn’t have a religion and can be practiced by anybody. But it can help one grow spiritually. Through meditation, you get to know yourself better and start to love yourself more. You learn to control your thoughts, and become aware that you are part of the cosmos. You start to seek harmony with the world around you. Meditation brings clarity, and changes how you react to the world around you. It can bring you inner peace and joy.

Types of meditation

There are many types of meditation. Some people like to meditate in silence, others with gentle music. There are also guided meditations (most of them focus on visualization, body scanning, or on the present moment, such as mindfulness meditations), which are probably best for people with no or little experience. With guided meditation, you can effectively focus on the problem you want to solve most (e.g. meditation for sleep, for self-love, or for health). At SunInMe, you can find many free guided meditations for various goals.

Guided Meditations for Sleep and Stress Relief

Can't sleep? About 40% of adults worldwide regularly experience insomnia symptoms. It's usually because anxiety and tension make it hard to fall asleep. The following guided meditations can help you relax and fall asleep faster. Listen to them and relax. Have a good night.

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