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Crystals for Beginners Book Cover

Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals

by Karen Frazier

Published: 2017 | 206 pages
Rating Amazon:  stars rating 4.8 
Rating by reviewer:  stars rating 4.6 
Author of the article: Mary Aromolaran
Date of the summary: Jul 18, 2021

The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals by Karen Frazier is an introductory book to the world of crystals and their powers.

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Crystals for Beginners Book Cover

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Crystals have always been valued throughout history as precious, beautiful gifts of nature and used in ancient society to beautify things and make them look more regal. It has also been used throughout history for its healing properties. People throughout time have known that crystals are special and had an energy that could heal body, mind, and spirit. This book acknowledges that and takes us on a ride to see these crystals.

Interesting quotes from the book

Tape a piece of fluorite to the bottom of your work chair to help you stay focused.

— Karen Frazier, Crystals for Beginners

I try not to have expectations as I move into an experience, because the universe may have far grander plans for me than I could ever imagine for myself. Instead of setting an expectation for any specific outcome, allow yourself to be in the moment as you work with a crystal, and observe where it takes you.

— Karen Frazier, Crystals for Beginners

Summary of the book Crystals for Beginners

Crystals are natural elements that come from the Earth. A true crystal has an organized grouping of unit cells that forms a unique lattice pattern called a crystal system. Some non-crystals have a crystalline pattern even though they are not crystals, such as opal, amber, and obsidian. These are known as 'amorphous' crystals, and they have their unique properties too.

Apart from making a crystal appear more or less appealing to you, the colors of a crystal also play a role in the energetic and healing impact of crystals.

The author then distinguishes between crystals, gems, minerals, and rocks, deftly showcasing the difference between each.

Everything has a sort of energy to it, and this is even backed up by science. Furthermore, humans are very good detectors of energy, even though we may not know. People notice they don't 'vibe' with another person, and we usually have entertainment (which is the tendency of one vibrational system to affect the other, so the two move into synchronicity. Being negative because of someone who has negative energy and being positive because of someone whose energy is positive is entrainment). Crystals also have this energy too - which is electric in nature. The two electrical effects of crystals are the piezoelectric and pyroelectric effects.

A human can feel a crystal's energy. All it takes is having an open mind, setting aside preconceived notions and expectations, and starting with a crystal that affects you strongly.

People see using crystals as some sort of strange thing and have associated certain myths with it. Crystals are not just in the head, you don't have to be spiritual or new age to use crystals, you don't need to cleanse your crystals to be more effective. Other myths are also dispelled by the author.

A note of advice, don't make the beginner's mistake, which is reading and researching so much about crystals that you can't experience them. Just pick one, hold it, feel the energy, and then continue reading. Experience is important.

The book then gives information about how to start a crystal collection. It doesn't need to fill every book and cranny of your house. They just have to have meaning for you. Two crystals arena collection if they have meaning. You can buy crystals at metaphysical shops, crystal and gem shows, or online.

Crystals come in different shapes, with the shapes having a great say in how much energy the stone has. Rougher or raw crystals generally have more energy while cut or polished stones have a subtler one. It doesn't mean the rougher ones are better. Everything depends on how the energy affects your body and energy. Rough stones are divided into different shapes such as blades, clusters, geodes, rough, and so on.

The book then gives a guide to branded crystals and their generic iterations. The fact that one is branded and another is not, does not make a difference. Amazon Jade (which is the branded name for amazonite) has the same energy as amazonite, despite its branding and general expensiveness.

To find a crystal suitable for you is a thorough process. They all have different energies and their shapes also give them clearer energy. To choose a crystal for you, you can consider it by color or by how they make you feel. Crystals can also be combined, with some having complimentary energies to others. To shop for crystals, there are several suggested steps the author gives, which are super helpful.

It is no news that crystals can be used for healing. It can heal the mind, body, and spirit. The crystals also have to be cleansed, and the author outlines different methods with which you can cleanse crystals. To have a crystal collection, you must also be ready to maintain the crystals. There are also some practical tips for using crystals, such as creating crystal elixirs and sprinkling them around the home.

Crystals can be very helpful, especially if you know how to maximize their power. A way of doing so is through making crystal grids, which is an arrangement of multiple crystals with the intention of creating powerful energy focused on specific intent. The author then talks about chakras, which are energy centers that connect your physical expression to the nonphysical. Chakras vibrate in different colors, each for different purposes. Meditation and mantras are also a good way of amplifying the power of crystals during use.

The next chapter then talks about crystals in-depth. It first talks about work-horse crystals, which are very versatile and can be used by almost anyone for almost anything. Some examples are black tourmaline, smoky quartz, hematite, carnelian, etc.

It then delves into a pretty useful section which discusses different crystals, listing their origin, shapes, lattice, energies, colors, placements, what they help with and what they work with, and usage tips (which are tips that one must know in using that particular crystal).

The author then uses the last chapter to talk about different life issues as well as prescribing different crystal prescriptions for them to help with healing. For example, with abuse, she advises using carnelian and yellow tiger's eye to begin the healing process, as well as a mantra and a grid with which to arrange the crystals you will use. Issues like addiction, anger, boundaries, and so on, with helpful diagrams.

Key Lessons from the Book

Lesson 1: Anyone can use crystals, no matter who you are.

Crystals aren't just exclusive to experts and pros that have been using them for years. Any random person can use them for their needs too!

Lesson 2: Different crystals can be used for different issues and problems

Crystals vary in length, size, colour and have several types. The crystals also vary by use. There are different crystals for several uses, according to your needs.

Lesson 3: Crystals are great for healing, and humans have known them for ages.

Crystals are great mediums for healing in different ways. Humans have been using them since many years ago.

Review of the book Crystals for Beginners

Refreshing and simple. I found the book really satisfying, there is this calm vibe I feel even discussing it. Its transition was wonderful and smooth. I think I might just start a little collection of my own! I think this book is a winner, it definitely gives a great intro into the world of crystals.


Okay, so this book might not be for everyone. However, if you have an interest in crystals, you should not go another minute without reading this book. I had never even read about crystals till this book, and I found it oddly satisfying and simple.

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