202 Affirmations for Self-Love and Self-Confidence

Love yourself first

A proud and happy woman looking in the mirror

You have to love yourself. Self-love is a requirement to inner satisfaction, personal fulfilment, and appreciation. Don't doubt yourself, and don't compare yourself to others. Make good decisions in life, and be your own best version.

On this page the affirmations help you learn to love yourself. Repeat the affirmation which speaks to you when you lack self-love or self-confidence.

A proud and happy woman looking in the mirror

6 Affirmations of the Day

Every day, I wake up with energy in my heart and clarity in my mind.

I am brave and confident.

On a continuous basis, I build my truth.

Every single day, I wake up happy and excited.

I am in love with the world, with life, and with myself.

I enjoy myself and what I've done today and every day.

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What's so important about self-love and why?

Self-love involves taking care of your own needs, not compromising your well-being for others' enjoyment. Self-love does not mean you settle for less than you deserve. The dictionary Merriam-Webster describes self-love as an appreciation of one's own worth or virtue.

Self-love is NOT about vanity, egotism, narcissistic selfishness or unwarranted arrogance. True self-love is much deeper than normal stuff at the surface stage. It's about self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-compassion, and about creating a core set of values that provides an unchanging base and profound intimacy that can only come from knowing yourself.

Self-love is the secret to happiness, and a precondition for a satisfying existence. That's because our inner world produces our outer world and decides how happy we are with it. You will receive love and appreciation from others but first you have to love yourself and respect yourself. You are more vulnerable to depression, anger, anxiety, frustration, loneliness and unhappiness if you are not practicing and nurturing self-love.

Self-love is the action of knowing, accepting and expressing self-compassion. With sensitivity you need to consider your acts, thoughts and expressions as though you were your own best friend. Cultivating self-love is a cycle of a lifetime; it is a journey. The first step towards change starts with consciousness of lack of self-love. The, are many ways to improve self-love. One way to do that is to repeat meaningful self-love affirmations, feel them in your heart, and align them with practical life acts.

Why use affirmations?

Affirmations are optimistic words that will help you confront and resolve negative and self-sabotaging feelings. Using affirmations is meant to bring about meaningful change. Repeating phrases should become the main weapon to alter the patterns of negative thought and reprogram your subconscious mind.

Many research have shown that the subconscious mind, which generates a lot of negative thoughts, controls 95% of the time our thoughts. The explanation for such pessimistic feelings is that previous stressful experiences have affected our subconscious mind. Evolution has also left humans with a propensity to pay attention to the negative rather than the positive, since survival depends on detecting and reacting to life-threats immediately.

The fundamental concept is to "reprogram" the subconscious mind with optimistic thoughts, but that's not that easy. Reprogramming can be achieved in two ways, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton: when the brain is in theta state (induced by hypnosis, meditation, or naturally occurring right before falling asleep and right after waking up); or by doing things persistently before they become a habit.

While awake, by reinforcing positive affirmations and behavior, we will concentrate on developing healthy behaviors until they are second nature for us.

How to apply affirmations in real life?

Follow these steps:

  • Put emphasis on what you want to improve.
  • Choose affirmations that suit those goals. If the assertion is too simplistic, start with a milder form: for instance, instead of saying "I love myself," say "I'm loving myself."
  • Repeat the affirmations in your mind and believe in them at the same time, hear them and help them with real actions.
  • Stay in your conscious mind, and be alert, be mindful. Stay proactive in your actions. Feeling and actions always need to be consistent with positive affirmations. You can fool the brain, your subconscious mind, by consciously creating positive feelings into believing that it is true. As a result, your emotions will change (the emotions are unconscious processes according to Psychology Today) and different biochemical reactions will begin within the body. You will begin to believe through concrete actions that you can change things for the better, that you are capable and worthy of self-love.
  • Stay committed. Follow those steps until the statements are a real habit.

In addition, you can:

  • Listen to positive affirmations or to guided meditations before you go to sleep with your headphones (Theta Brain State).
  • Surround yourself with people who love and believe in you.
  • Commit yourself to persistence and constructive progress.

202 Affirmations for Self-love

  1. My life is filled with happiness and love every day.
  2. All my relationships are full of love and compassion.
  3. What I need comes to me at the right time and place in this lifetime.
  4. The world is transformed, as I transform.
  5. I build a safe, energetic body while trusting and expressing my feelings.
  6. Compassion and empathy help me resolve anger.
  7. Challenges bring the best out of me.
  8. All my problems have a solutions.
  9. Everything about me is lovable and deserving of love.
  10. Everything is unfolding beautifully.
  11. My romantic relationship is built on forgiveness and compassion.
  12. I totally support my partner.
  13. I am a person full of joy and affection.
  14. I am a special and caring person.
  15. In friendship I have a lot to offer.
  16. I am a living, breathing representation of the kind of world I want to live in.
  17. I am love to share the positivity and love that I feel for life with others.
  18. I am a faithful and loving friend.
  19. I am a magnet for the things that I like most.
  20. I am a spontaneous, human being.
  21. In this world, I am a powerful force for good.
  22. I am a true powerhouse.
  23. In everything I do, I'm a winner.
  24. I am proud of myself.
  25. I am just a survivor.
  26. I am a rare and unique instrument.
  27. In this world I am a unique child.
  28. I am an amazing person.
  29. I deserve love and respect.
  30. I can achieve anything I desire.
  31. I can find positivity in any situation.
  32. I should feel good about myself.
  33. I am in love with the world, with life, and with myself.
  34. I am always on the path to success & prosperity.
  35. I am smarter than I look.
  36. I am good enough.
  37. I am the alchemist.
  38. I am at peace and I am happy when I am alone.
  39. With each day, I am becoming more and more prosperous.
  40. I am highly sensitive to my feelings.
  41. I grow stronger every day.
  42. With each day, I become more experienced and wiser.
  43. I will be my very best friend.
  44. I am brave and confident.
  45. I am fortunate enough to experience days like today.
  46. I am building a stable foundation of confidence.
  47. I am building a profitable business.
  48. I am honest to myself.
  49. I always stand up for myself.
  50. I conquer my fears by facing them.
  51. Throughout my life, I build a happy, harmonious prosperity.
  52. I am building my life the way I want it to be.
  53. I am imaginative, and I am bursting with brilliant ideas.
  54. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  55. I am plenty, and I have everything I need to get to where I want to be.
  56. I am very excited to start the day.
  57. I am learning, finding, and evolving.
  58. I am awesome, funny, and generous.
  59. I am confronting my fears.
  60. I in love with my life.
  61. I fell in love with myself.
  62. I am forgiving.
  63. My compassion is replacing anger with affection.
  64. I am full of energy and filled with potential.
  65. I am full of life.
  66. I am energetic fun, and people love me because of it.
  67. Each day and every day, I get better and happier.
  68. I am getting better, happier and wealthier.
  69. For all the positive things in my life, I am very grateful.
  70. I am thankful to those of you who love me and care about me.
  71. For my good health, I am very thankful.
  72. I am really grateful for my life.
  73. I am really grateful for the caring relationships I have.
  74. For the wonders of my life, I am really grateful.
  75. I am very grateful for who I am and who I will be.
  76. Right now, I 'm thankful to be healthy and alive.
  77. I am always thankful.
  78. I am happy, and full of joy.
  79. I am pleased and conscious to share and to enjoy this world with all living beings.
  80. I am content in my own skin, in my own circumstances.
  81. I am so happy.
  82. I am in harmony with the world.
  83. I have always been responsible for my future.
  84. I am in charge of my own course.
  85. I am in complete charge of planning my life.
  86. I have absolute power over my life.
  87. I am in control of my reactions.
  88. I am in harmony with the world and my body.
  89. I am innately fine, and so are all the others.
  90. I am very kind to myself.
  91. I am searching for a better lifestyle.
  92. I am learning to let fear go.
  93. I am trying to live in peace with the world.
  94. I learn to appreciate the process when I don't understand it.
  95. I lead a lively, safe life.
  96. I am love.
  97. I am loved because of who I am right now.
  98. I am adored because I am adorable.
  99. I am caring.
  100. I am smart.
  101. I am loving.
  102. I am not afraid to be different.
  103. I don't believe I'm a hateful person.
  104. I am doing exactly what I want.
  105. I am pursuing my creative impulses right now.
  106. I am in perfect health now.
  107. I am opening up to the real abundance of life.
  108. I am optimistic about the future.
  109. I am outgoing.
  110. I can enrich other people's lives.
  111. I am outstanding.
  112. I am full of happiness, joy and satisfaction.
  113. I am very patient with myself and I am compassionate.
  114. I am very gentle with myself.
  115. I am polite, cooperative and compassionate.
  116. I am just as fine as I am.
  117. In every moment, I am present.
  118. I am proud of everything my body does for me, every single day.
  119. I am proud of the person that I am today and the person that I will be tomorrow.
  120. I am following a definition of success of my own.
  121. I am ready to face life's surprises.
  122. I am ready to face the world.
  123. I consider and communicate my own needs.
  124. I relax and enjoy every moment of my journey.
  125. I am free and protected by the divine.
  126. I am true to myself and I am honest with everyone.
  127. I am special, and every of my relationships is special.
  128. I am unique and extraordinary and, most significant of all, I am me.
  129. I am valued and respected at work. My voice's still been heard.
  130. I am deserving of joy and devotion.
  131. I am deserving of love and trust in my relationships and my friendships.
  132. I am creative.
  133. I love my physical body.
  134. I trust, love, and adore my body.
  135. I tackle transition with integrity and faith in myself.
  136. I am trying to draw happier people into my life.
  137. I am bringing love into my life.
  138. Easily and effortlessly, I attract money.
  139. I am meeting optimistic people and making friends easily.
  140. I am attracting success.
  141. I believe in the potential to overcome drawbacks.
  142. I have confidence in my ability to set myself free.
  143. I trust in my ability to open the door and to set myself free.
  144. I believe in myself.
  145. I am bringing happiness to the world.
  146. I bring joy to everyone around me.
  147. I can achieve greatness.
  148. I can overcome any sort of challenge.
  149. I will take on some sort of challenge.
  150. I can't give up until I've tried every possible way.
  151. I enjoy myself and what I've done today and every day.
  152. I am celebrating the birth of my faith.
  153. On a continuous basis, I build my truth.
  154. In life, I develop good habits.
  155. I deserve to have a safe body and mind.
  156. I deserve riches and prosperity.
  157. For my future, I deserve positive things.
  158. I deserve love and support.
  159. I deserve joy, and success.
  160. I am loved and respected by the people around me.
  161. I deserve the best in life.
  162. I deserve to be happy.
  163. Well, I deserve to be safe and happy.
  164. Right now, I deserve to feel good about myself.
  165. I deserve to have a great soul mate.
  166. No matter what, I pursue my dreams.
  167. I am following my inner direction.
  168. I forgive myself for all my errors, shortcomings and weaknesses.
  169. I forgive myself for all my faults.
  170. I've got everything I need to fulfill my dreams.
  171. I have everything I need to make this day important.
  172. I have all the resources and assistance I need.
  173. I've got as much light to give the world as the next person.
  174. If people don't understand my vision, I have compassion.
  175. In my skills and abilities, I have faith.
  176. I have to trust in my decisions.
  177. No matter what, I have confidence in my ability to fulfill my dreams.
  178. I've got confidence in myself. I should make the best decision possible.
  179. I have a lot of fun visualizing what I like.
  180. In the others, I see my own reflection.
  181. Through the others, I see myself and the light of divinity.
  182. I see myself as a gift to my family, to my community and to my country.
  183. I see others as decent people who do their best.
  184. I find the problems to be fascinating challenges.
  185. I see beauty in all my faults and in all my brilliance.
  186. I am handling myself just the way I want to be treated.
  187. I trust my ability to build a wonderful future.
  188. I trust my own ability to provide well for my children.
  189. I trust the person I am.
  190. Every single day, I wake up happy and excited.
  191. Every day, I wake up with energy in my heart and clarity in my mind.
  192. I 'm walking tall, and I am proud of who I am.
  193. As part of my evolution, I welcome every experience.
  194. I am just going to be there for myself.
  195. I am trying to make the most of new opportunities.
  196. My friends love me, and they admire me.
  197. Because of who I am, my friends love me.
  198. The partnerships are really important to me.
  199. My friendships are important, supportive and satisfying.
  200. My vision is the perfect prediction of what I am doing now.
  201. My life is a piece of art.
  202. My inner wisdom brings me direction and encouragement.