202 Everyday ideas for a Healthy Relationship

A true relationship

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To bond with your romantic partner more profoundly, make sure you spend quality time together. Communicate with each other freely and frankly, and maintain positive emotional relations. Keep alive your physical connection and learn to give and take in your relationship. Be prepared for ups and downs, but make sure to stay in your partner's shoes for some time. Don't judge; listen, appreciate, be polite and show a certain love. Take fun together and do new things to keep the bond alive.

202 ideas can be found on this page about what to do with your partner, or for a partner to keep your relationship healthy and passionate.

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6 Relationship Ideas of the Day

Let your partner teach you something positive about him/her, and vice versa.

Send a message that you love him or her.

Be trustworthy.

Give your partner a coupon (for example, a massage, a famous shop, etc.).

Send a bit of Spicy Email.

Go to a film festival.

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What famous people have said about relationship?

Love is a two-way street constantly under construction.

Carroll Bryant  

I'm not telling you it is going to be easy - I am telling you it is going to be worth it.

Art Williams  

202 Relationship Ideas

  1. Share new experiences together.
  2. Recognize the sacrifices the partner is making.
  3. Agree to disagree.
  4. Let things be as they are.
  5. Approach problems with a positive attitude.
  6. Attend a movie premiere.
  7. Take part in a wedding together.
  8. Take part in the band you both love.
  9. Bake together.
  10. Show compassion to your partner.
  11. Be nice to your companion and to yourself.
  12. Be in the moment.
  13. Be patient with your partner.
  14. Be considerate.
  15. Be financially secure.
  16. Be honest.
  17. Be trustworthy.
  18. Be able to compromise on important topics.
  19. Become a better listener.
  20. Watch the Next TV Series of together.
  21. Have your favorite dessert together.
  22. Bring favorite dessert to your partner.
  23. Build a snowman.
  24. Climb to the top of a hill.
  25. Email stuff that make you think of him or her every day.
  26. Commit.
  27. Communicate in a Constructive Way.
  28. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.
  29. Cook Dinner together.
  30. Fill the bed with Rose Petals.
  31. Build a Mini-Tradition.
  32. Build a Scrapbook as a Couple.
  33. Cultivate the rituals together.
  34. Dance at the table.
  35. Dance at the night club.
  36. Date like you did in high school.
  37. Solve problems as soon as they arise.
  38. Proclaim your devotion, publicly.
  39. Dine in the Fancy Restaurant.
  40. Do the home improvements together.
  41. Perform the movie marathon.
  42. Do some Spaghetti kisses.
  43. Perform a movie marathon at home with a theme.
  44. Do what your partner wants; not just what you want.
  45. Don't be afraid to confess your feelings.
  46. Do not be violent.
  47. Don't ever forget about physical contact.
  48. Don't attempt to take control.
  49. Treat yourself to the peaceful moments you share with each other.
  50. Show gratitude for the small and unique things.
  51. Feed each Other.
  52. Feed each other with grapes.
  53. Find 10 things about your partner that you really love.
  54. Find a photo booth.
  55. Figure out what's going to turn him / her on.
  56. Fix things in the house just to make your partner happy.
  57. Flirt up with him / her.
  58. Fly a kite.
  59. Garden together.
  60. Get Naughty at home in every room.
  61. Get over the desire to be right.
  62. Get your couples massage.
  63. Order some good champagne.
  64. Enjoy the shooting stars.
  65. Have your pedicures together.
  66. Grant yourself a full-body massage.
  67. Give some dark chocolates.
  68. Send her a bouquet of flowers.
  69. Give your partner a coupon (for example, a massage, a famous shop, etc.).
  70. Give compliments to your partner.
  71. Go Bowling.
  72. Head to hiking.
  73. Go to Wine Tasting.
  74. Go and pick apples.
  75. Go to birdwatching.
  76. Go for a walk.
  77. Go shopping for furniture.
  78. Go shopping at the grocery store together.
  79. Go ice skating.
  80. Go on a Double Date.
  81. Go together for a long bike ride.
  82. Go on a date at the history museum.
  83. Go on a guided tour.
  84. Go into an adventure.
  85. Head together to the farmers ' market.
  86. Go to a film festival.
  87. Go to pottery class.
  88. Print your picture and stick it onto the wall.
  89. Go to a file store.
  90. Go out and play soccer.
  91. Go to the park.
  92. Go to an exercise class.
  93. Travel to the zoo.
  94. Go to the aquarium.
  95. Head to the Painting gallery.
  96. Go to karaoke.
  97. Head to the beach.
  98. Go to the theatre.
  99. Step into the ballet.
  100. Head to the Strand.
  101. Go to the botanical gardens.
  102. Together go to dance club.
  103. Together go to the library.
  104. Go to the Theatre.
  105. Go for a drive.
  106. Head to the sauna.
  107. Head to water skiing.
  108. Groom yourself, and try to make your partner look fine.
  109. Hang your pictures against the wall.
  110. Get a meal in your room.
  111. Cultural Experiences Together.
  112. Have a picnic.
  113. Enjoy a Tech-Free Day together.
  114. Have a date at a unique restaurant.
  115. Have a fine, old-fashioned night board game.
  116. Have dinner and watch a movie.
  117. Talk about your goals.
  118. Support each other emotionally.
  119. Support your partner.
  120. Go to the cinema together.
  121. Place your hands around each other and walk down the street.
  122. Horseback riding.
  123. Go for a vacation together.
  124. Host a party for a board game.
  125. Host party for dinner.
  126. Keep a Journal as a Couples.
  127. Kiss more.
  128. Kiss in the rain.
  129. Gradually kissing, rubbing his back and neck and nape-slowly.
  130. Kiss under the stars.
  131. Know what you need and ask for it afterwards.
  132. Learn the patterns of conflict amongst yourself.
  133. Join in learning a new language.
  134. Study music.
  135. Know how to put together an instrument.
  136. Leave little messages of love everywhere.
  137. Let The Past go.
  138. Let your partner teach you something positive about him/her, and vice versa.
  139. Light some homemade candles.
  140. Search online for adoptable dogs.
  141. Make DIY a growing hobby.
  142. Join in for dinner.
  143. Make love in a very exciting place.
  144. Consider love a priority.
  145. Create a note of what you love about him or her.
  146. Join in to make a new recipe.
  147. Make a scrapbook of photos, reminiscences and brief notes.
  148. For dessert, render moist chocolate cake.
  149. Make a homemade pizza.
  150. Let your partner (even in front of other people) feel different.
  151. Massage each other.
  152. Meet families of one another.
  153. Never forget to ask your significant other about their day.
  154. Have a picnic as the sunsets.
  155. Together Paint a room.
  156. Paint each other with body paint.
  157. Be creative.
  158. Look out for the little things that annoy your friend.
  159. Hold your body language in mind.
  160. Along the way home, collect the wildflowers.
  161. Plan your life together.
  162. Get together to schedule a date night.
  163. Schedule a party for dinner.
  164. Go on a cruise around the world.
  165. Play Bingo.
  166. Play some mini golf.
  167. Play Badminton or Table Tennis.
  168. Play it on Twister.
  169. Play truth or dare.
  170. Play your Twister Sexy Game.
  171. Play a basketball game, or table tennis.
  172. Play a private game and get to know yourself better.
  173. Play chess.
  174. Play hide and seek.
  175. Play instruments together.
  176. Play softball together.
  177. Play sex games.
  178. Practice yoga with each other.
  179. Prepare the strawberries with the raspberry fondue.
  180. Read each other's poetry.
  181. Write a poem together.
  182. Read the same book simultaneously.
  183. Look at each other, honestly.
  184. Recreate the First Date.
  185. Clean the house together.
  186. Remember, you will always make your life better in the whole, not worse.
  187. Mind how you feel about yourself.
  188. Be more respectful of your mate.
  189. Ride the ferry's wheel together.
  190. Ride the go-karts together.
  191. Run together.
  192. Run race together.
  193. Say, "I love you." often
  194. Say I love you. Each day in a different way.
  195. Say thank you often.
  196. Say sorry when you have done something wrong (nobody is perfect).
  197. Tell each other words of encouragement.
  198. Watch a horror movie together.
  199. Send a bit of Spicy Email.
  200. Send a love note.
  201. Send a message expressing how much your partner means to you.
  202. Send a message that you love him or her.