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From Worry to Wealthy Book Cover

From Worry to Wealthy: A Woman's Guide to Financial Success Without the Stress

by Chellie Campbell

Published: 2015 | 288 pages
Rating Amazon:  stars rating 4.8 
Rating by reviewer:  stars rating 4.5 
Author of the article: Jaaziyah Satar
Date of the summary: Jan 6, 2021

From Worry to Wealthy addresses and emphasizes every woman's financial freedom, whether employed or unemployed.

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From Worry to Wealthy Book Cover

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From Worry to Wealth by Chellie Campbell is an empowering self-help book that allows women to succeed on their terms financially. Chellie Campbell is an author, life coach, and public speaker. She is also a financial guru that believes in financial security and highlights the same to her readers.

Readers will find out about the four Cs of career success: Confidence, Charisma, Clients, and Cash. From Worry to Wealth gives women the tools that they need to climb the corporate ladder while instilling them with self-confidence, power, and the ability to earn more money.

An interesting quote from the book

You can’t help the poor and starving if you are poor and starving.

— Chellie Campbell, From Worry to Wealthy

Summary of the book From Worry to Wealthy

The Women's Game of Business: Making Money, Doing Good, and Having Fun

Chellie Campbell introduces the book by asking her readers rhetorical questions about financial concerns that they may have. After these rhetorical questions, she moves into the book's skeletal content, the importance of self-care and mental health while working hard. The author mentions how successful women have found themselves in a predicament: when they do not have money, they risk homelessness, and when they do have money, they spend it as though it can never finish. She also mentions how difficult it is for financially independent women to find men that will not be intimidated by their female partner's success.

Campbell talks about how she did not want to wait until she retired to live a "great" life. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing work and play as opposed to putting recreational goals aside to work. Thus, having a career and "travel goals."

Having worked with men and women from different financial backgrounds, the author came to realize that financial problems are ever-present. As a result, she created the "Financial Stress Reduction" workshop that emphasizes the need to balance work and recreational activities.

Chellie introduces the fact that she faced gender inequality in the workplace - a man who was in a lower position than her or just starting was promoted before her, or his opinions and suggestions were taken into consideration more than hers were. After describing a few more analogies, like Tim Cook making the bold claim that he wished to move towards sustainability only to be met with backlash from other shareholders, she makes the following statement:

"Change is coming, and women can help facilitate it."

Campbell acknowledges that women join any and every field and industry available, from freelancing to long-term contracts. But, she also makes a note of how women continue to face specific problems.

She mentions how women, as much as ‘we' want to facilitate everyone around us; we must also remember that we need to make money and strike a balance between being a self-madebusinesswoman, doing good, and giving back.

She acknowledges how gender norms and expectations made it difficult for her to appreciate and "brag" about her financial success. Recognizing how she had failed to do so in the past, especially with conversations with her father, she found herself asking him for financial advice - but failed to inform him about her successes.

Women are not taught to celebrate their financial successes in the same way that men are. Chellie grew up when women were either entirely independent from men or utterly reliant on them. With the newer generation, there is a balance or the halfway point where a woman can be financially independent but still rely on a male colleague, friend, or family member if she required the financial support.

Conscious Businesses Are Changing the Rules

Chellie believes that women and men can work together to make the business world an ethical, fair, and sustainable environment. They should work together to redefine success beyond fame and lean towards happiness and internal fulfilment.

Confidence, Charisma, Clients, Credentials, Competition, and Cash


Chellie Campbell describes "successful women" as "confident" women. As a result of this confidence, they are more likely to attract many clients.

With a quote from Julie Andrews as Maria from The Sound Of Music, "Besides which, you see, I have confidence in me!" follows an afterthought, that women build themselves up only to face internal obstacles of self-doubt.

She encourages her readers to have confidence in themselves and their abilities without worrying about coming across as "arrogant or immodest." Clients love the enthusiasm, and that confidence will allow you to get more projects, thus earn more money. She recognizes that it takes courage, and it is a significant risk to believe in oneself and focus on honing their skills. She reiterates that women should not feel as though they are arrogant by having confidence in their skillset.

Charisma: The "It" Factor

"Charisma comes from confidence."

The steps Chellie Campbell suggests in achieving charisma are:

  1. Discover your talent;
  2. Practice being confident;
  3. Share talent with love;
  4. Be proud of your looks;
  5. Choose the clients you love to work with;
  6. Enjoy being yourself;
  7. Appeal to "your people";
  8. Get used to rejection;
  9. Credentials and networking are essential, but you can also be successful without them;
  10. Competition should not prevent you from carrying out your goals and ambitions;
  11. Money is essential but do not treat it carelessly.

Key lessons

In conclusion, what lesson does Chellie Campbell want her readers to take away from her book?

In my personal opinion, Campbell's book is unlike other self-help financial books because it goes beyond how women should handle their finances.

Campbell speaks on other factors that lead to financial success, such as companies moving to be more sustainable, versatile industries that consider all persons involved.

Campbell makes a note of how important it is for a woman to know her worth and demand for that, nothing less, the clientele that believes in your work will pay your entire rate. Campbell also stresses the importance of saving money instead of carelessly spending it - making sure you are budgeting and keeping track of spending and savings. She encourages readers who are in financial crises such as bankruptcy not to be disheartened.

Campbell provides her readers with tips on how to "persuade" or "sell" oneself to a client in a way that comes across as charming (remember, Charisma is your "It" factor) and themost authentic version of yourself to get the job.

Other vital lessons that the book puts across to its readers are to grow outside their comfort zones and to remember that they need an excellent spousal or general support system around them to help them through the more challenging times.

Another aspect of the book that I found interesting was that Campbell mentions that her male clients have similar or the same concerns as her female clients do. She emphasizes and calls to attention the importance of self-care (taking care of one's mental health). A factor that most readerschasing financial security would ignore.

Review of the book From Worry to Wealthy

As one who reads many self-help books and financial-help books, Chellie Campbell's takes the cake! The book did not give me any new information that is not found in previous self-help and financial texts, but its conversational tone, anecdotes, and overall rawness stand out.

Campbell speaks as though she is advising a friend, which makes the content of the book impactful and engaging.

I would recommend the book to any woman looking for a casual read but still wants to learn how to look after her finances.


From Worry to Wealth by Chellie Campbell takes on a practical approach to financial success. The first chapter of the book helps the reader re-evaluate their financial decisions without going in-depth with its contents but still promises to deliver engaging information. The conversational tone used by Campbell makes the book incredibly digestible and difficult to put down!

Although From Worry to Wealth is a book that targets entrepreneurs and businesswomen, any woman attempting to manage her finances should grab a copy.

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