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Super Human Book Cover

Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever

by Dave Asprey

Published: 2019 | 352 pages
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Author of the article: Baseerat Iqbal
Date of the summary: Jun 15, 2020

Want to stay youthful, not just from inside but outside as well? Dive into Dan Asprey’s book and get yourself inspired.

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Super Human Book Cover

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Superhuman is an inspirational book for all those who have a fire burning in them to become younger with every passing day. Dave Asprey has mentioned tricks and guidelines upon how to stay healthy, young, and how you can look younger than the previous day. Not only does this book tells us about how to reverse aging but it also shares how we can improve the chances of living a long and healthy life.

Interesting quotes from the book

Don’t make yourself crazy about getting it perfect all the time—stress like that makes you old. Just aim to get it mostly right at home, and you’ll be so far ahead of the curve that you’ll feel it.

— Dave Asprey, Super Human

If you take care of your brain, your brain will take care of you.

— Dave Asprey, Super Human

Getting a massage, sharing a bed with a partner, playing with a dog, and even giving someone an eight-second (or longer) hug all boost oxytocin levels.

— Dave Asprey, Super Human

Summary of the book Super Human

Dave Asprey takes the readers on an incredible journey where he explains his perspective over how to reverse aging and staying healthy. The writer himself had experienced early signs of aging because of which he became passionate to find the elixir that would help him become younger with each passing year. After a good twenty years of research, he found ways of how to keep his body, mind, and spirit young with the help of a healthy diet and exercise. In his 20s the doctors became the bearer of the bad news that he was pre-diabetic and was likely to suffer a stroke. But he decided not to give up and resolved to the biohacking, which taught him the most valuable information about the functions of his body and how to improve them.

Likely factors that can kill you

Four diseases are most likely to end your life including heart diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Make sure you find the antidote to these four lethal killers. According to Dave Asprey, the antidote to these four killers' diseases are to understand what cells cause aging and how to keep them functioning properly. The major culprit responsible for aging is mitochondria because aging occurs when the function of mitochondrial cells becomes sluggish and they don't work properly. When we grow older, the mitochondria cannot work efficiently and causes the formation of free-radical, and with the increase of these fellows the lethal diseases mentioned above take over our bodies. But as this book is all about how to stay young, so luckily, there is a way to stop these free radicals from increasing in our bodies.

Decrease the free radicals

Consuming foods rich in antioxidants help to get rid of free radicals. No free radicals mean a decrease in the chances of acquiring the four killer diseases, which means staying young for a longer time. Become best friends with foods like coffee, tea, berries, herbs, spices, and oh my! How can we forget dark chocolates, these are excellent sources of antioxidants. Additionally, antioxidant therapies may also be helpful. But the miracle worker to avoid aging is antioxidant-rich foods that enable the mitochondria to work efficiently.

Transform your diet

While being best buddies with foods rich in antioxidants, we need to cut ties with some other foods that speed up aging. Leave grains like wheat and gluten out of your diet because they may contribute towards autoimmune diseases. They spray herbicides over grains that contain elements that trigger aging.

The next step to avoid aging is to not consider vegan diets because the consumption of the vegan diet slows metabolism, which has its own drawback.

Meat is an important part of a healthy diet but remember to avoid fried meat because that will lead to heart diseases.

Only look for the animals that are grass-fed and not raised industrially.

Incorporate omega-3 fats in the diet and say no to Omega-6 fats because they will hinder your goal of staying young.

Consume the right amount of proteins for the process of tissue repair.

Intensive exercise twice or thrice a week will help you stay young and avoid diseases.

Ketosis is important

The body produces energy when food is used as fuel, but they can also get the body energy from chemical compounds like ketones. After around 7-8 hours of keeping a fast, the body breakdown stored fat and ketosis takes place. This in turn helps the body increase the capacity of the brain to develop and adapt to additional things and also produce more antioxidants. But always remember to balance the burning of glucose and that of ketones.

Get some beauty sleep

Now and then we come across the disadvantages of not sleeping well. Maintain a good sleeping routine to regenerate and keep the body healthy. Dave practices 6 hours of sleep with at least 2 hours of deep sleep. He believes for staying healthy and healing of the body adequate sleep is the foremost thing. Sleep also helps to get rid of the stress. When a body is stress-free, it means that its chances of staying young are much more.

Also, remember to exercise less on days when you have had less sleep.

Get exposed to the right light

Avoid blue lights and get yourself glasses that would prevent damage.

Get exposed to the sun in early hours because red and

Infrared light is at its maximum when the sun rises, helping the skin to fight toxic substances.

Opt for infrared sauna in for mitochondrial boost and detoxification.

Rewind the age

Dave has experienced aging backward by a few simple measures mentioned below.

Stabilize the blood sugar level by consuming less sugar and more saturated fat and fibers.

Dave fasts for 36 hours for ketosis to take place and this helps his ketones to age backward.

To get rid of depression, anxiety, and trauma go for neurofeedback treatment.

Get metal detoxification from the body

Consume antioxidants like Vitamin C and glutathione for getting rid of toxic metals from your body.

Consume foods with activated charcoal to flush the heavy metals out of the body.

Maintain your hormone levels

Try to improve the hormone levels naturally and artificially with hormone manipulating interventions.

Maintain your youth with the help of stem cell therapy.

Pay attention to the skin and hair

By taking care of your skin and hair, you can automatically look and feel younger.

Work on boosting the collagen from inside out.

With all the above key points, it is important to have a will to fight with advancing age and practice measures that help to rewind age.

What can we learn from the book Super Human?

Lesson 1

Get an adequate amount of sleep and let your body heal. If you want to stay young, the systems inside the body need to be in good shape.

Lesson 2

Another lesson in the book is to eat healthily. Incorporate the healthy foods in your diet and bravely say no to junk food.

Lesson 3

Exercise regularly and take care of your mental well-being.

Lesson 4

Reduce stress; you don't have to do everything perfectly in life.

Review of the book Super Human

This is a motivational book for all those who aspire to stay young and healthy. Yet the writer has not explained many of his biohacking tricks in depth. It remains slightly vague whether all the tips mentioned in the book are favorable for everyone. But those who are interested in biohacking will find this book very useful.


The key to longevity and staying young is to develop an understanding of how your body functions and adopt the lifestyle that will help to improve the efficiency of systems working inside the human body. Experiment with fresh foods, exercises, therapies, and supplements to find what works best for you and help you stay youthful and healthy.

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