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The 10X Rule Book Cover

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

by Grant Cardone

Published: 2011 | 256 pages
Rating Amazon:  stars rating 4.6 
Rating by reviewer:  stars rating 4.7 
Author of the article: Rafael Peduti
Date of the summary: Jul 23, 2020

The book 'The 10X Rule' is for those who want to change their lives. With an aggressive approach, it teaches you how to increase productivity and focus.

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The 10X Rule Book Cover

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The book 'The 10X Rule' is for those who want to grow and are tired of a mediocre life. These steps will be useful in any area of your life: physically, spiritual or financial.

Interesting quotes from the book

You know, you don't need to grow old to die. I was dying at the age of 20 as a result of no direction and no purpose.

— Grant Cardone, The 10X Rule

I suggest that you become obsessed about the things you want; otherwise, you are going to spend a lifetime being obsessed with making up excuses as to why you didn't get the life you wanted.

— Grant Cardone, The 10X Rule

As long as you are alive, you will either live to accomplish your own goals and dreams or be used as a resource to accomplish someone else's.

— Grant Cardone, The 10X Rule

Summary of the book The 10X Rule

The main idea of this book is that you should set goals more ambitious than you want. For example, if you think you need to work out for 6 months and you can't eat sugar for 2 months to lose weight, multiplying by 10 it will take 60 months of working out and 20 months without eating sugar. The idea is to override the initial goal. This way, you will increase your chances of reaching the goal.

Work Harder!

People tend to underestimate the amount of effort required to reach the goal. Because of that, they fail! That's why taking massive amounts of action is the only way to fulfill your true potential. This book teaches you what you need to apply the 10x rule in your life and who you should be inspired by.

Cardone characterizes people's actions like this: those who do nothing and focus only on excuses, those who accept a life without leaving the comfort zone, those who do only to live a comfortable life, nothing more, and those who do whatever it takes to achieve the goal.

Who do you want to be?

Create Your Luck

People often confuse success with luck. They don't see how hard you've worked. They just look at how successful you are. For example, if you work 80 hours a week to build your portfolio or to make 200 cold calls every day, your chances to be successful are higher than those who work only 40 hours a week. There is no shortcut to success. You have to push yourself as much as you can. Get out of your comfort zone, do what you are afraid of, and always optimize time.

All In

Cardone says go all-in on your projects. All energy and efforts must be directed towards the goal. When you focus on too many goals, you end up getting nothing.

Success Is Your Duty

The book shows that you are your only competitor. If you are wasting your time instead of pushing yourself, chances are you won't achieve your goal. You are not doing your best. To have a better perspective of your goals, write down the goals on paper and what are the steps needed to achieve it. Chase them until you reach them and never lower your initial goal.

There is success for everyone. Just because someone has achieved a goal, does not mean that there is less success now available.

Middle-Class Myth

The book also focuses on the middle-class myth. What used to work a few years ago won't work today. In recent years, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer which means that the middle class is being wiped out. More people need financial assistance from the government. Something is not working.

That old plan to buy a house and pay for it throughout your life is ridiculous. Grant Cardone divides this myth into 3 parts: jobs, savings, and houses.

Jobs aren't stable. Like any other market, it varies. For instance, writers earned less about 20 years ago than today. With the democratization of the internet, it became easiest to use it as a portfolio tool. Thus, the average income in this category increased.

Save money only to invest. Never save money just to save. To have the financial freedom for you and your family you must multiply your money. You need exponential growth.

Houses are expensive investments. It should never be part of your retirement plan. In addition to high maintenance costs, there's a lot of money in just one thing when buying a home.

Middle-class people also think that University education will make them rich and successful, so they go to get ''a good education'' whatever that means. However, in most cases what happens is that people graduate with huge debt and no idea what they have to do. The problem is not higher education, but the approach. Knowledge is very important, but you have to think about skills. You do not need college to become a millionaire.

Besides, middle-class people have a terrible habit to be content with less than they deserve. Something like ''I don't need money, life is good.'' This kind of person also tends to procrastinate a lot. However, they forget that procrastinating also requires energy. If you are using your energy while doing nothing, why not get off your ass and put all that energy in things that you want to achieve? Remember: SUCCESS IS YOUR DUTY!

Avoid the middle-class mindset no matter what!

Act Now!

Cardone says that we don't need to be perfect, we need to act. Thinking too much is dangerous because the mind creates problems that even exist. It prevents people from acting. Stay away from overthinking. Just do it!


Fear is one of the most important topics of this book. The only way to improve yourself is to do what you fear. For instance, if you want to start a company, there are uncertainties such as how to create a good product or service, how to find customers, how to better serve customers, marketing, recessions, and people management. It is an unknown path. If you fail, keep trying. You will be more skilled in the next attempt. Failure is also part of development.

Another important point mentioned in the book is that we must get out of toxic situations because it tends to affect your desire to work. Failed relationships or a 9-5 job that you hate. Whatever! Get out of it!

Be Consistent

Sometimes we are working hard without getting results. Soon or later it will happen. However, as you already know, SUCCESS IS YOUR DUTY! 1% every day turns into 365% at the end of the year. Be consistent every day!

Be Obsessed

There is nothing wrong with being obsessed. It is a blessing. Obsession helps you do what few do, obsession is your fuel. It allows you to do what average deems impossible. It will keep you on top. Become obsessed with your goals. Never be satisfied with what you've done. Big players are obsessed.

Be exposed

When you start a new project, whether it's opening a company or creating a webpage, people need to know you. Create content, show them that you have a good product, and can change their lives for the better.

Your name needs to be everywhere. You need to be everywhere!


Never play safe! Always think big. People fail to achieve their goals because they do not think about growth. They only think about being average. Do not follow the pack. Lead the pack. There is no competition. You are your only competition.

Review of the book The 10X Rule

In my opinion, this book has a very aggressive approach on how to achieve goals. The main idea is that people should set goals higher than they want. I think this book will change your mindset because it teaches you how to play big. If you are looking for self-development, read it! It's a very interesting book.


Grant Cardone has a very aggressive approach to problems. If you want to achieve big goals and change your life, read the book 'The 10X Rule'!

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