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The End of Procrastination Book Cover

The End of Procrastination: How to Stop Postponing and Live a Fulfilled Life

by Petr Ludwig

Published: 2018 | 272 pages
Rating Amazon:  stars rating 4.4 
Rating by reviewer:  stars rating 4.5 
Author of the article: Rafael Peduti
Date of the summary: Oct 21, 2020

The book The End of Procrastination will show you how to optimize your time and a new challenge approach.

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The End of Procrastination Book Cover

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In today's world, time management is crucial. Many people think that successful ones are lucky and blessed, but success is due to hard work and time management. You always have a choice to do nothing or pursue your goals. It's always up to you. This book will teach you techniques that will help you have more emotional control over your actions. Therefore, you will know how to act most effectively and be more productive. We live in a world with many opportunities. With the right attitude, it is possible to achieve any goal. This book will teach you how to pursue goals.

Interesting quotes from the book

Success doesn’t mean you never fall; it means you know how to get up quick.

— Petr Ludwig, The End of Procrastination

Discipline is therefore your overall ability to take specific actions that lead to the fulfillment of your personal vision.

— Petr Ludwig, The End of Procrastination

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

— Petr Ludwig, The End of Procrastination

Summary of the book The End of Procrastination

Set Clear Goals

Before you start taking action, you need to define what your goals are. Set ambitious goals, because themore ambitious, the more you can be inspired. For example, will you be more inspired if your goal is to earn $ 1 million or $ 100? Few people have goals, and this often leaves them unfocused on life. When they least expect it, years pass, and the goals are not achieved. To improve the chance of success of reaching the goals the book suggests

  • Set a deadline: without it, you will not feel the urge to work on the goal and will end up procrastinating.
  • Make a list of what you will need to achieve the goal: if your goal is, for example, to open your own business, you will need at least a financial reserve, a business plan, and goals so that you have a chance of reaching the goal.

Question: Why is go setting important?

You Need a Plan

Successful people are the result of constant effort and planning. The author of the book mentions the use of the formula "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance." And it's very simple to get started. Just make a to-do list. If your goal is to lose weight and study about opening a business, your routine can be something like this

Time Activity
6:30 Breakfast (following the diet)
7:30 Workout (running, swimming, or any physical activity that you enjoy)
8:30 Work
12:30 Afternoon snack (following the diet)
13:30 Work
16:00 Afternoon snack (following the diet)
18:30 Study/Skills Development
20:30 Meditation/Relaxation Activity
21:30 Dinner (following the diet)
22:40 Sleep

The better plan, the easier it is for you to achieve success in life.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions can get in the way of time optimization: accessing social networks, chatting with colleagues, among other activities make you lose focus and take more time to perform the necessary tasks. Your goal here is to avoid too many distractions at work. Of course, you can and should take breaks from your activities to rest and stretch. However, it is necessary to determine the maximum time for this and not to exceed the limit.

Tip: Ten-minute intervals every 2 hours of work increase effectiveness by around 20%.

Focus on Long-term

According to studies by the author, people who focus on long-term goals are those who succeed. These people know what they want to be like in 10 to 15 years. In this way, they know the way they must act today to achieve the goal. On the other hand, unsuccessful people are content with small rewards, short-term pleasure, and don't give a damn about the future.

Suggestion: write a short paragraph about your plans for the future.

Skills Development

Every goal requires you to focus on specific skills. If your goal is to become a seller, you need to be an expert in persuading people and finding new customers, whether by cold calls or door-to-door sales. For a writer, they need to be able to write on many topics and work fast. After doing an analysis in which area you should specialize, rate the skills you already have from 0 to 10. If one of your fundamental skills is poorly developed, it will be a problem!

Working on weaknesses is the key!

Want More

People always want more. This is because we are never satisfied with what we have. And there is no problem with that! Want to be a billionaire? You are capable of that. Don't let your imperfections stop you from reaching your goals.

Remember: you are your only competitor.

Think like a Champ

If you are pessimistic you can only approach problems on the negative side, it is important to change your perspective. Be positive. Thinking victoriously is not easy, especially during periods of crisis or frustration, but it will certainly be useful, as your mind will be more open to solutions, ideas and you will always be inspired to move forward.

Question: What inspires you in life?

Becoming Organized

When you have a well-defined process and a good execution, you can achieve great results. So, it is important to define a place where you feel good about working and eliminate distortions such as the smartphone and notifications on the computer. This place must also be clean and organized so that you can be as productive as possible. Besides, it is important to set daily goals and rewards. That way you will always be inspired to work hard.

Question: How to inspire yourself to work hard?

Don't Multitask

Doing several activities at once may seem like a good way to save time, but this is not a good idea when you are doing something that requires concentration. Interrupting a task to check a notification on your cell phone is a time-consuming task, as it takes more than 20 minutes to recover the previous concentration level. At first, it can be difficult to adopt this practice, but it is something that will make you more productive.

Exceed Expectations

One of the keys to winning customers and expanding the market is overdelivering. The customer needs to see the value in your product for them to buy and in most situations, money is not the key factor. Such situations are common in the real estate market where property prices are high. As a real estate agent, it is necessary to show to the client qualities of the property and how it will benefit him: the growth rate of the place, how it will be possible to enjoy with the family, how comfortable the residence will be among others. Also, it is necessary to have an excellent after-sales service, as often the opportunity to do future business is lost due to low-quality after-sales.

Remember: always exceed your expectations!

Continuous Learning

One of the biggest mistakes of the people who graduated in higher education is to think that there is no need for further education. In addition to being a form of procrastination, it's a huge mistake, as it is necessary to learn new things every day to be competitive. This additional knowledge is the difference between success and failure. Define which area you should specialize in and study it every day until you achieve the desired results. Start slowly, read two pages a day then start reading three, then read ten. Continuous learning is the key to success in any field.

Review of the book The End of Procrastination

In my opinion, this book is interesting for people who procrastinate and do not know how to use resources effectively. By reading it, you will know how to plan your day, be more productive, and goal-oriented. I think there is no perfect human being, everyone has flaws. However, with constant personal improvement, it is possible to achieve goals.


Procrastination is a problem that prevents us from reaching the maximum potential. When procrastinating time and effectiveness are lost. When you postpone your tasks, there may be no time for tomorrow. The author of the book shows that you need a routine to achieve success.

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